Get it right - Run right

Who taught you how to run? If the answer is; No one, it is true for the most of us. Running is something that we pick up, and not surprisingly a lot of us get it wrong, which leads to poor running form. Poor running form leads to injuries and

You need to consider that you need to run with your body not against it. And body mechanics does change a bit from person to person, there are a few principles which help you keep a good running form, which you can incorporate into your form. This helps you stay injury free and run more efficiently...

1) Foot Strike: ideal running form means you strike the ground with midfoot to forefoot, you don't need to force a toe strike as this is unnatural.

This might not be easy to correct if you already practice the dreaded heal strike, but worry not! There are form drills that help you correct this issue. A high knees drill with skipping motion helps you drive your foot down so you can develop this style better. You should land on the ball of your foot.

2) Running with your body, lean slightly forward while running, so you have your chest leading you forward whilst running. This helps you put your body weight forward into that next step

3) Stride rate: Try increasing the stride rate after you've practiced your form. If your stride rate is less than 150 strides a minute, because your imbalances are easy to identify once you get closer to about 180 strides a minute.

4) Breathing: Breathing is critical in maintaining your ability to run. Posture plays a part in breathing it would do you good not to arch your shoulders forward, which has an impact on how much oxygen you can breathe in. A quick fix is to force your chest back a bit and always look forward whilst running, this as opposed to the looking down. Ideally one should breathe through the diaphragm, and how to ensure this is quite simple. Every time you breathe ensure your stomach is expanding as well.

I hope these four pointers helped you, and if you already have been doing right, well then you are well on your way.