What are the props you need for Yoga

There are popular styles of Yoga that are known for using props such as Iyengar Yoga, Yin Yoga, etc. They are also found in most of the Yoga studios or schools & are often used by teachers to help beginners get into postures or to help themselves or advanced practitioners deepen their posture. Props are meant for everyone & are used for various reasons such as for achieving precision or alignment, to increase or decrease stress in certain muscles or areas, or to get support or comfort to stay in poses for a longer time & to breathe & benefit from the posture.  Let us look at some of the most popular Yoga props.

Blocks are usually used as a pair in arm balances. Single blocks are helpful postures like half moon or triangle where finding balance & placing hands on the floor becomes difficult.

Belts or Straps are great for deep stretches & help bring the hands to the feet, like in Eka pada raja kapotasana where you can loop the strap around your foot or around your feet in paschimottanasana and  guide your body into a deeper backbend or forward bend.

Bolsters & Blankets  are a great way to let go & relax in restorative postures such as in reclining bound angle pose or legs up the wall. They also help release the tension around the muscles & help open the body. Another example is the Upavista Konasana where the bolster can help you bridge the gap between the floor & upper body & stay in the forward bend for a longer time.

Cushions can help you sit comfortably for a longer period of time for meditation or pranayama. Smaller cushions help support your knees in lunges or asanas like Ustrasana. You can also use them to cushion your ankles or increase their flexibility & hold asanas like vajrasana, virasana, etc.