Health benefits of performing Yoga

Is the much-hyped benefit of Yoga for weight loss for real? Yes, of course! But the list of benefits does not start or end with it.  Weight loss is bound to occur with regular practice, but even before you shed those extra kilos, you will begin to experience many other changes which slowly transform you from outside & within. Yoga has numerous physiological & psychological benefits.

Physically, it helps you get fitter & younger by improving your flexibility, body posture, core-strength & bone health. It gives full range of motion to your joints & helps prevent degenerative arthritis. Yoga increases the blood flow & gets more oxygen to your cells & tissues. It helps carry oxygenated blood to the internal organs & helps optimize their functioning. It helps improve digestion, cardiovascular health & increases lung capacity. It helps get rid of toxic waste & boosts immunity. It also helps regulate BP & maintains hormonal balance.

However, one should take caution when practicing asanas & should seek expert’s guidance. Though Yoga is meant for everyone, it is crucial to understand which practice is best suited for your body-type or health condition. The masters have carefully put down step by step instructions, duration & lists of caution & adjustments for every yoga posture & it is advisable to follow these to get maximum benefit from the Yoga asana.

In just a few weeks of regular practice you will notice that your energy levels have increased, you are able to sleep better, you will notice a glow on your face, you are happier & also more content with yourself & others around. Stress, anxiety, allergies, etc will slowly begin to disappear & you also become more conscious about what you eat & drink. Yoga is the best tool to help you connect with your inner guide & make the necessary changes in your lifestyle to live a longer & healthier life.