What makes you tired all the time

If you constantly feel tired, then perhaps you might need to take steps to cure it. No one should go through life feeling fatigued. There could be a number of underlying causes for someone feeling this way. The underlying causes have varying symptoms and treatments and sometimes it might require medical help; starting with visiting the doctor

Let us look at probable causes and symptoms

Low Metabolism


Metabolism, or the rate at which food and drinks are converted into energy, may cause excessive fatigue in some people. If you suspect that a low or high metabolic rate is the cause of your tiredness, consult a doctor to help you come up with a treatment.

Alcohol, Nicotine and Tobacco Abuse


Each of these substances are harmful in excess. If your daily life involves consuming any of these substances in large amounts, then it may be high time to think of alternatives to get over your frequent intervals of fatigue.


Iron Deficiencies


Pregnant women and children are more susceptible to iron deficiencies. Low amounts of iron in a diet can cause anaemia, bleeding in the internal organs, and even Crohn’s disease in addition to causing excessive tiredness.



Your mental health plays a big part in your body’s energy levels. Depression can be a hard thing to conquer if you have a chronic case, and can affect your fatigue in many ways.



Working too hard at your job or at school can take a large toll on your body and mind. Even simple clerical jobs that require you to sit at a desk for long periods of time can be taxing to your mental health, and may cause extreme cases of recurring tiredness in some people.

Chronic Fatigue Syndrome


Sometimes, people may end up feeling tired for no reason at all. A chronic case of excessive, recurring tiredness is diagnosed through exclusion, meaning they are left to declare you chronically fatigued after eliminating all other possibilities of illnesses and ailments.